This is Sara Storm. Sara is a true believer in her ideals. But why is it no one else seems to take them as seriously as she does?



This is Warren Halley. Warren is the only person who takes life as seriously as Sara. But what is his dark secret?


This is Lucinda Worther. Lucinda hails from the working class neighborhoods that rose up in the wastelands surrounding the city. Lucinda is a tough girl - tougher than Sara any day. Or is she?


This is Marc Rose. Marc is a true Randian man, a real BMOC, or so it seems. Marc's determined to stop working for money and make his money work for him. 


This is Robert Storm, Sara's father.  Put upon, passed over for promotion and pissed off, his disillusionment hangs in the air like stale cigar smoke.  Robert wants to keep others from making his mistakes,  but no one will listen to him - especially not his kids.


This is Major Hohms, Sara's boss, also known as "Major Red."  Red has an anger management problem,  but appearances can be deceiving. He's got an ace or two up his sleeve.


This is Chairman Neuman, CEO of the Randian Republic of Atlantis. Neuman's having a bad day. She's been having a lot of them lately.


This is Captain Anderson, who is also Sara's boss. Anderson is a straight-laced guy. Is he the only one around who has his life together?

This is Robbie Storm, Sara's little brother. Sara thinks Robbie is a rebel and a dissident. But could he really be the most authentic practitioner of her beloved ideology? 


This is Patricia Storm, Sara's mother. Patricia is in crisis over her children's behavior. Could she really have raised them to turn out like this? Why won't they listen to Reason? 

This is Atlas. He's been holding up the world for forty years now and he's getting restless.



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