Beverly Garside

Could the South Secede?

   Are we witnessing the birth of the Confederate States of New Jerusalem? Perhaps not, at least not exactly. I and You's CSNJ is founded primarily upon religion, while the League of the South group seems to have mostly secular aims. Though as a former resident of the South, I know that you cannot separate the region from its main cultural anchor, and that anchor is fundamentalist Christianity. At any rate, it will be interesting to see what Thorvaldsson comes up with.

Is This a New Randian Republic of Atlantis?

     Could this be a precursor to a new Randian Republic of Atlantis? Could it become a reality? The RRA's problems stem from too little government and too much private sector power, but it does have a government with elections and a legal system. This article implies that Thiel intends there to be NO government. Maybe the article gets that wrong. In any case, it will be fascinating to see what happens here. Any bets on whether or for how long it will succeed?


Is Individual Freedom Dying?


    It's a refrain we hear all the time: America is becoming a police state, individual freedom is dead. Then some new law or regulation on the part of the government or private institution is bemoaned as being the "last nail in the coffin," of our freedom to do whatever we want with our own fill-in-the-blank. I believe there is some truth to this. We can't deny that new laws and regulations crop up regularly. What's interesting to me is not the fact of this phenomenon but the reasons behind it and the motivation of those decrying it.

Small Businesses Only the Government Can Save


  Objectivist ideology consistently paints government as the enemy of business. The Right readily adopts this plank of objectivist philosophy, writing a political playbook where small business failures are exclusively the result of excessive taxes and government regulations.

Even Objectivists Need Government Bureaucrats


     Deep in the bowels of Washington D.C. bureaucrats in two federal agencies toil tirelessly under mountains of documents, regulating industry. They are not on the glamorous front lines of federal service - fighting fires in national parks, controlling air traffic over the skies or rescuing flood victims in helicopters.

Why Even Objectivists Need Unions


Ayn Rand's objectivists, and others on the Right don't like unions for very logical reasons. The logic goes that if you are not happy with your earnings then you should better yourself and get a job that pays more.

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